Texas State Housing Timeline

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– Texas State Student Affairs Department of Housing and Residential Life Department of Housing and Residential Life.. Housing Timeline and Process; Living-Learning Communities;. select search scope This Site All Texas state close search Dialog. Continuing Student Scholarship Timeline Below is the timeline for the continuing scholarship.

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The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy Texas State Student Affairs Department of Housing and residential life future students housing timeline and Process Housing Timeline and Process The following lists out the dates for each step of the housing process.

The Texas State University Office of Veterans Affairs assists veterans and dependents by answering questions concerning veteran educational benefits, certifying enrollments for the Department of Veterans Affairs, processing the Hazlewood benefit, and monitoring our students’ degree plans and academic progress as required for their benefits.

The housing lottery will be between October 28 – November 1, 2019, and students will have the opportunity to be selected for a housing contract. These students will participate in room selection based on the below dates. If you are selected, you will be contacted through your TXST email after the lottery sign-up closes.

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Welcome Texas State students enrolling for classes on the Round Rock campus. We have created a list of some apartments that are close to the Texas State campus in Round Rock. We encourage you to use this tool as you begin to start your search in Round Rock. You are encouraged to look at several apartment complexes before making a decision.

Congratulations on your acceptance! You’ve taken the first step toward expanding your horizons and pursuing your dreams! We’ll help you navigate everything Texas State has to offer as you begin your Bobcat journey, including everything you need to get your academic career off to a great start.

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